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Disease no bar these days

Breathlessness or difficulty in breathing is a common disease these days. People from all age groups are victim to it. If you conduct a survey you will know even children as young as 4-5 o years old suffer from asthma or many bronchodilatory diseases. Theyuse the inhalers pumps from this tender age and many more medicines which help relieve their nasal passage.  As they grow, the gradually become dependant on these medications for the long run and getting off this addiction becomes extremely difficult for them.

Asthma, a disease too common

Asthma is caused when the bronchiolar tracks become narrow due to deposition of mucus, infection, swelling of the bronchioles, severe pneumonia, it is passed on through family history, excessive exposure to pollution and some severe allergy to a reactant. These are only to name a few, there are many more reasons that cause asthma. To treat this disease, many bronchodilators are being used. These bronchodilators, as the name suggests, alleviates the passage of air through the passage easier by dilating the vessels. This medication can be taken orally or even intravenously. Clenbuterol is one of the major medicine that is used in treating asthma. It is an amine compound that is non-steroid in nature.

drug clenbuterol

About the drug clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is also a widely used drug in the work of bodybuilding, workoutsand gymming. It has the property of lipolysis, which means the process of cutting down fats and lipids present in the body. They enhance the burning of fats, toning of muscles, and strengthening of the skeletal muscles. Skeletal muscles are the key in a sportsman’s physique. This medicine is therefore used widely by the sportsmen, as they gain energy by it.  You can buy clenbuterol online or over the counter from any pharmaceutical shop. But you must remember to take only the dosage prescribed by a physician and not venture into taking it without any consultant.

Every medicine despite all its benefits and effects has some effects too which must always be taken into considerationwhile taking any intake of medicine and especially if it has to be taken in for a longer period of time. Too much intake of clenbuterol negatively affects the heart. It increases palpitations, anxiety and fluctuations in the blood pressure.