What is the procedure of Singapore company formation?

If you want to opt for Singapore company formation, then you would be required to perform three main tasks. They are:

  1. Approval of company name
  2. Prepare required documents
  3. Company registration

You will be required to pay two fees to the government:

  • S$15 fee for name approval
  • S$300 fee for company registration

Step1: getting the name of your company approved:

The name of your company in Singapore should be approved by ACRA. It is a simple online procedure and there are some guidelines that you must follow:

The name should not match other existing businesses present in Singapore.

There should be no infringement of trademarks.

The name should not be vulgar or obscene.

corporate secretary service

No other company should have reserved it.

Step2: Prepare documents for singapore company formation:

After the name is approved then you should prepare the documents required for registration:

ACRA needs the following documents:

Company constitution which was earlier known as Articles of Association.

Every director or company secretary should present a signed consent to work as a director or company secretary respectively.

Identity and address proof for every officer and shareholder of the company.

Step3: registration of the company with ACRA:

Once the documents for incorporation have been prepared then the company would be able to register officially with ACRA. The registration process will be conducted online and will take less than an hour. In some rare cases when the registration are been referred to another government then the process will take a few weeks.

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