Ways to Stop Puppy Biting – Helpful Tips for New Pet Owners

Puppies are very cute, till the moment they sink their sharp teeth in your soft skin. Suddenly, they turn in a demon monster, which you cannot wait to be away from. So, these stopping puppy biting tips can help you to lose this sharp toothed monster.

Never Use Your Hands

Puppy loves to roll over and we directly go with our hands and wrestle him, because we find him very cute. However, that is when these teeth strike. But, use the toy when playing with your small dog. It won’t feel those teeth.

stopping puppy biting tips

End the Game

When you feel that his mouth on you, stop the play. Leave your puppy & move away as fast as you can. And your dog will learn that if he bites you, game stops & you leave and he will then stop biting very fast.

When Do the Puppies Stop Biting?

Like any dog parent knows, this furry companions like to chew, bite, and explore whatever is possible–however there comes the time where we have to step in & offer them with the right training so that they will develop in the well-adjusted dogs.

Even though biting & mouthing objects or people during the play is normal, it is necessary to curb such behavior at the early age in order to avoid it later on. It might appear adorable when the pup is nibbling on your hands, clothing and legs when he is some weeks old, however when he grows, knowing when and how to use appropriate behavioral modification method is the fundamental part to raise the well-behaved pet.

Formative Years: Train Your Puppy Well

It is very important to train your puppy in a right away and tell them biting is a complete no-no –although it might appear very cute during the play, in case we reinforce such behavior at the young age, your dog might think it is fine. There are various methods that are quite effective to teach them the lesson.

First, help your puppy to understand that the people have got sensitive skin, thus he knows to stay gentle while using his mouth – no matter whether it is receiving food or treat and playing with your kids, biting of any type must be handled with an utmost precaution.

As per some trainers & canine behavioral therapists, the dog that is well trained to use their mouth gently while interacting with the people is very less apt of biting hard or break skin in an event that he bites somebody in the situation outside his play.