Velvetech – A software development services company

New emerging businesses or organizations often require the urge of a software program catering to the needs of the organization precisely and also for the smooth functioning of the business activities. Velvetech custom software development works towards facilitating such software needs of the organization.

Custom Software Development

What is Custom Software Development?

Custom Software Development refers to the planning and designing of a software application adjusted to the needs of an organization or a specific group of users. This software development is designed to meet their needs against the classic off the shelf software. Custom software development is usually done by a third party as per the mentioned requirements by the specific entity.

Custom Software vs. Off the Shelf

Off the shelf software already exist that do not specifically cater to any particular needs of an entity/individual. These software are available to be used by the mass public to the best of their needs but does not in particular provide any special feature to the selective user depending on its requirement.

On the other hand Custom Software is crafted and released to meets the needs of a specific entity. For example, a software created for a specific company can only be put in use by that company and no one else. Custom software is not for reselling to any other entities even of their requirements match with the company that purchased it in the first place. The software is tailored with reference to the company’s mentioned demands and requirements and to ensure the growth in the overall functioning of the company yielding higher future income.

Pros of Custom Software Development

Custom software development is particularly required to meet the specific working needs of an organization. Supposedly, an organization requires software that helps increase the company’s productivity in a specific manner that is otherwise not met by the off-shelf-software such as MS Word. Thus, the specific entity contacts a third party to design a software according to their requirements the cost of which is covered by the promised increase in the efficiency of the company. Such custom softwareis not for reselling.

Custom Software Development Services

Things might get tricky when it comes to opting for a suitable software development company that is assured to cater your needs in the best possible manner. A no. of factors such as the companies past records, business-client relations, price and level of services are to be accounted for when making such a decision. This is where Velvetech custom software development swoops in and justifies itself as different and better in doing what it does the best. It consists of well experienced programmers that work with their clients in a manner to identify their specific needs and keep them in mind when implementing them for the development of the software. It focuses on bringing out the full potential of the business and in developing a software that only benefits the working and efficiency of the respected entity in progressive years within affordable prices and various levels of services.