Tips for maintaining the garage door

garage door repair hamiltonThe most overlooked part of maintenance is the garage door. But it is very important to maintain the garage door regularly. If you do not take care of the door at right time then the pressure on the automatic opener will increase and you may end up spending a lot of money on garage door repair hamilton. To avoid such unwanted expenses follow the below steps so that you can maintain the doors properly.


  • Watch and listen to the door in operation: you can find an issue with the garage door when you open it. Basically, the garage door should open smoothly without any noise. But if it is opening with a jerk that means there is some problem. Check if all the system is facing each other in the same manner.
  • Clear the tracks: Check the track on both sides of the door and see if there is any dust or rust formed in them. If yes then the first thing you need to do is clean the tack and then check if the tracks are exactly in vertical position if there is a slight difference then you can arrange it by yourself but if there is a lot of difference then you need to call professional to adjust it.
  • Tighten the hardware: the garage door is opened almost every day at least two times. Imagine how many times it would get open in a year. By opening the door so many times the motion of the door can be loosened. So it becomes necessary that you check all nuts and bolts which hold the door upward and also the opening part. If you feel they are loose then tighten them with the help of a socket.
  • Inspect and remove the rollers: the rollers which are amiable at the two edges of the door must be checked regularly and if you find that if any of the rollers is break off or splintered then you should replace them. It is suggested that once in five years replace the rollers even though they are not cracked or worn.
  • Check the cables and pulleys: The pulley and the cables give a link between the spiral and the door. This connection helps in lifting and lowering down the door. If you notice there is some problem in them do not try to fix the problems by yourself as it can be a danger. Call the service center and hire the experts to do the work.


Hope you will remember to maintain your garage doors frequently and save your repair amount.