The Top Reason Why Minibus is For Small Group Travel than a Van

If you’re a traveler, you are aware that finding the best and most reliable transportation can be quite complicated. Especially when you’re traveling with a group that consists of your friends or families, it will feel like you need to make an additional option for the seat limitation. Sometimes you will be torn between a minibus and a van.

Minibusses are the most reliable and efficient vehicle for transporting smaller groups to school outings, weddings, sports competitions, corporate events, church events, and many more. However, what makes a minibus rental as a good catch than a van?

chicago motor coachHere are the following reasons why:

  1. More Seat Availability

Due to a massive difference in size, vans always tend to be full and cramped inside than minibusses. Most vans can only accommodate 12 to 15 passengers, and several minibusses models can accommodate up to 35 passengers. Some motorcoach minibus rental has access to different kinds of minibusses that can accommodate from 18 to 35 passengers, providing you the convenience of transporting smaller to larger groups during your trip.

  1. Can Accommodate More Belongings

Aside from the passenger’s capacity, minibusses also offered overhead storage bins, which enables passengers to store their items and belongings on their van. This kind of feature is not possible in a van since the van is a bit cramped inside, so storing too many belongings can make it even more cramped inside.

Besides, a van may enable the passengers to fit several small items under your seat, but sometimes it can make the passenger at your back uncomfortable.

But with an overhead storage bin that you can see in a minibus, it makes it more convenient for a group of travelers to bring more belongings that they need for their travel. That’s why when it comes to storage space capacity, you can’t compare a minibus to a van.

  1. Offer Comfortability

Not only it can provide larger space, but it can also give the passengers a different level of comfortability. Minibusses can provide a relaxing riding experience for the passengers, especially if the travel distance is quite long.

There are bucket seats that you can find in minibusses, which makes it more comfortable than bench seats that a van can offer. Also, minibusses have significantly had more interior headroom for the convenient of the passengers. Besides, their center aisles can provide mobility to move around inside the vehicle.

  1. Provide Safety

Minibusses are equipped with tools and devices that provide a safe riding experience compared to vans. This is primarily due to the larger difference when it comes to construction.

Minibusses have dual rear wheels and steel cage structure that makes an essential feature of the vehicle, which is designed to provide safety for the passengers. Also, dual rear wheels can significantly lessen the rollover risk, while the steel cage structure on a bus’ sidewalls supports the safety of the passengers from any possible injury in the case of a road accident.

  1. Provide More Amenities

Minibusses also offer a variety of amenities compared to traditional vans. Standard vans can only provide air condition and music from the radio. While in a minibus, you can pick from multiple options of quality amenities like plush seats, air conditioning, rear storage space, WIFI, overhead storage, flat-screen TVs, and many more.

Overall, your long-distance trips for smaller to the larger group makes it more comfortable and convenient in a minibus compared to a van.