This game is a sand box survival game and it is a recent game with Epic games being its developers. Try v bucks hack. The game has following characters to get through

  • Hero characters
  • Defence characters
  • Support characters

The hero characters can be chosen by the players out the available four classes. If there are is a shortage of less than four players defence characters can be summoned for help. The support characters can be used for playing. they provide support passively to the players in terms

  • Help increase attacking strength of the player
  • Increase agility and speed
  • Help with armour and health of the player

As a player you can collect experience points from the loot boxes. Which help for evolving schematics and the characters. The player has an opportunity to unlock additional attribute bonuses which can uncover special skills required for fighting the monsters. When collection is completed the player, can use them to form a random item or get back their experience points, which makes space for more inventory. Check the v bucks hack.

The player has skill and technology points to chase for. The skill points are gained by finishing missions. Whereas the technology points take time to accumulate and they help for unlocking new skills and technology. This contributes to the player for increasing his base attributes. This can be shared with other players. The schematics are crucial, and the technology points helps to get higher levels of evolution in this sphere along with upgrade for the characters too. there are chances of getting new squad positions and get new set of general skills for the mission.

The quests the players undertake help them to provide them in game currency and resources. After the completion of certain missions, the players are given storm forecasts. The mission that are time limited are

  • Locate and reach out to survivors
  • Build many radar towers
  • Clearing the husks that have scattered by the storm

Where as the other missions that are not time bound are

  • Locating sites
  • Building fortifications around those locations
  • Destroy the husks

A special resource is required known as the bluglo for activating certain mission targets. The missions can be considered failure if the objective is destroyed or the time runs out. For this to workout you would have to rebuild your fortifications and begin with their defence again. If you happen to complete the objectives without the objective being destroyed or timed out, you will end up with

  • Resources
  • Weapons
  • Traps

You could get some bonus too if you use limited fortifications for the play and save more than the minimum survivor requirements that are specified.