Amongst the many attractions for the visitor, Singapore has myriads of imaginative Wall Stickers that convert this sophisticated city into a dreamland. Small businesses and house-proud owners easily transform their environment with these magical Stickers. The concept of wall sticker Singapore is now trending internationally, with the leading brands like YOUPRINT dominating the show.


The Stickers have highly attractive features, some of which are as follows:

Wall sticker

  • They can transform a space within minutes, with the least effort. One only has to choose a desired location, clean the surface first, dry it, and stick the Sticker with the self-adhesive it comes with. The change in the environment is startling.
  • The library of offerings is almost endless, as are the topics covered. They are sure to suit every taste and palette.
  • The catalogue is available online, at all times.
  • Many of the Stickers approach the status of high art. Much of the artistic value is unquestionable.
  • Yet, the Stickers are really affordable, and will suit the pockets of common men as well as small businesses.
  • Customization is welcomed by the creators, and the best ideas and suggestions of the Customers are incorporated in the designs.
  • High quality Sticker materials ensure long-life and perfect detailing with pin-sharp resolution.
  • They are easy to remove and replace.

Unbelievable Types

The Types include Paper & Plastic bases, Vinyl Sticker decal printing, Frosted Stickers, Floor Stickers, and so on. The variation in wall sticker Singapore is almost endless.