Quick reference on pneumatics

The utilization of pneumatics is essentially popular in the construction business. This usage is widely popular in the form of designing buildings which are commercial ones and in short it is considered as a kind of purpose for gas importantly. The essence of pneumatic controls is extraordinarily effective for almost all kinds of commercial buildings in terms of design makeover.

utilization of pneumatics

Working functionality:

  • The pneumatic controls or these control systems are effectively utilized with the help of compressing air or pressurized air. It is carried out like a process of control designed for HVAC systems. This control which makes use of compressed air from controllers is usually carried out through plastic tubes and copper only to the control devices, valve actuators respectively.
  • Moreover this kind of control process usually utilizes sensors, thermostats only. In short it is relied upon the control method only. Here the sensor immediately replies and responds accordingly to the changes occurred in temperature, any kind of temporary changes in the pressure levels. This kind of response made by sensor provide a definite feedback in order to close or open actuators in a control loop and subsequently it even meets controls set point as well. The presence of actuators in this control method will consists of springs, diaphragms to work accordingly with the resided control signals only. This control method usually makes use of compressed air as a media. Similarly the presence of thermostats contains 1 or more air lines that are interconnected along with a control system from the compressed air and finally these thermostats from the same compressed air only connects to a device like valve as a form of final device.
  • The primary reason of utilizing pneumatics in actuators is these are reliable in nature, long durability and most importantly its availability in the market. This actuators and some kind of motors that are completely air powered and are used for controlling valves as well. The desirable fact of purchasing these pneumatic actuators is less expensive than the electronic actuators.
  • You can make use of these control systems for designing any kind of control strategies and implement it effectively. These controls can also provide extraordinary performances in controlling and gradually it provides maintenance of accurate set points.

Maintenance of these controls is mandatory aspect:

These controls usually required 2 kinds of maintenance. Initially you have to ensure whether the pneumatic is clean and stable, especially it needs to be dry at all the instances. Secondarily, also ensure that the inspection of all the control components are effective or not by carrying out like a routine and preventative maintenance program.

Moreover these controls are having an option of replacement with direct digital controls (DDC’s). These DDC’s are having less effective capability of control and maintenance factor is very poor in condition compared to pneumatics especially in technology point of view.


Hence pneumatics is excessively and effectively used for designing commercial buildings and it is widely popular in all over the construction business.