Oil Pressure Gauge and its significance in a car

Ever wonder if you could get an early indication of an upcoming expense that has to be essentially met. This could be possible in case of the expenses that occur in maintenance of car if you have an oil pressure gauge. As these gauges are an important tool that ensures durability of a vehicle. It acts as an indicator that records and displays condition of a car’s engine and also alerts the owner prior to any damage. With the help of this instrument you could monitor the pressure of engine oil with respect to real time quite closely.

readings of an oil pressure gauge

These oil pressure gauges are generally of two types-

  • Mechanical gauges
  • Electric gauges

Is it really important?

Engine is the most important part of a car; we could easily mention it as the heart of a car. It is really very important to have a healthy heart in order to have a healthy body. Same is the case with cars a sound engine results in a sound functioning of a car. With this reference oil pressure has its own significance as it maintains a proper lubrication which ultimately results in avoiding excessive heating of engine and its smooth running. Hence, it could be said that oil pressure is equally important to the car as blood is important to our body.

How to get readings?

It is not a very complex tool to use; one could easily relate it with other indicators present on a car’s dashboard. It consists of a label, numbers and one dial which have an indication needle. In some vehicles the low and high oil pressure is also denoted with the help of letter L and H respectively.

 What different reading indicates?

The readings of an oil pressure gauge could be easily categorized into a zero reading following with low and high one. When a car is not running very fast and there is a zero reading it is a normal case but if the same reading is shown at a good speed then the engine should get checked or there is a fault in gauge. In case of a lower reading that is less than 20 it could be a case of some issues with any component of the engine. In case of a high reading it could be a relief valve that is creating problem or any sort of blockage in the delivery lines.