Moscato: An Ultimate Wine for the Wine Lovers

Known as the most refreshing, sweetest, as well as aromatic wine beverage over moscato variants, Barefoot moscato that is the mix of juicy apricot and peach, orange and lemon citrus taste, offers an ultimate sensation on what the perfect drink gives to your mouth.

Has Incredible Taste

Remarkably, the delicious wine syncs very well with most of the Asian cuisines, whereas being the part of the light desserts, mild cheeses and fresh fruits. Like perfume, you will not fail to catch its tasting notes. Being specific, the wine makes very good use of sharp contrasting citrus flavors over sweet tastes of the ripe apricot & juicy peach. In an end, you will notice the bright crispy taste- delicate and short taste.

Suppose you have tasted Moscato Singapore before, you will know that it is one most affordable wine and delicious wine that will quench your thirst, relaxes your senses whenever you feel low. One glass of will be the best choice when you are out in the hot summer, and resting peacefully under the tree shed.

Moscato Singapore

What gives Moscato wine an edge over the contemporaries is diversity that it provides to the wine lovers, when tasting great and mindful to the pockets. In fact, the wine can revolutionize menus in the local restaurants.  Sweetness of this wine can vary as certain people will prefer the sweet wine whereas others will want normal sweetness.


Thus, to maintain the sweetness, grapes used for such wine are late harvest grapes. It is to maintain the sweetness overtime as well as ensure that grapes can have the right sweetness when made in wine.