Massage Therapy in Redmond, WA: Swedish Massages

What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage‚Äč has the objective of relaxing your muscles and stimulating blood flow to help you relax. It also eases tension, helps with sleep problems, reduces emotional effects of stress like anxiety or depression. If that wasn’t enough then here are more reasons why you should have a massage!

Redmond, WA has many Swedish massage clinics but how do you know which one will give the best service for your money?

There are many techniques in giving massages but Swedish massage focuses on 5 basic strokes: effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration. These five techniques are used to improve blood circulation all over the body to the skin tissues which gives a soothing effect to the entire system.

Massage helps you relieve stress and increase your overall health. There’s a reason why it’s part of every athlete’s warm-up! Some benefits include:

*Improved blood circulation + increased metabolism

*Enhanced flexibility, range of motion, and motor coordination

*Increased endorphin production + decreased cortisol levels

*Improved oxygenation of soft tissues + organs via the lymphatic system (that’s right this works as a detox massage as well)

With all those benefits it should be no surprise that everyone from athletes, celebrities to new parents is getting Swedish massages! The idea is to make sure you choose a licensed therapist with enough experience in the field. Make sure they have the proper equipment for the massage and relax in the knowledge that you are getting the benefits of swedish massage in Redmond, WA.

To help you get closer to your relaxing massage here are some tips when looking for a place.

  1. Find out if their therapists are licensed by checking for licenses that must be displayed on site or ask if they have one. Keep an eye out for decision-makers like managers or owners who can answer questions about certificates.
  2. If possible call ahead to make an appointment with any potential spa/massage clinic (even if it’s just to drop in) It’s always better to book ahead since most spas offer appointments throughout the day so you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. Ask them how far ahead they take appointments; most reputable places take appointments weeks in advance.