Know Everything About Cash Donation In Singapore

Food from the Heart is a non-profit foundation that distributes food to those who are hungry. It was founded in February 2003 when Henry and Christine Laimer, a Singapore-based Austrian couple. They were so moved that they decided to distribute leftover food from bakeries to people in need. In 2003, Food from the Heart began with 120 volunteers. By the end of 2020, our volunteer base had grown to over 10,000 people, and we had served 53,700 people across Singapore.

Food is a basic human need, and everyone has the right to it. Help Food from the Heart provide a reliable supply of goods to individuals who are less fortunate. By making a cash donation Singapore-based organization, you are helping to cover our operational costs and provide basics to our clients.

What is the purpose of food from the heart in Singapore?

Food from the Heart is a food organization with IPC status that feeds the hungry in Singapore. Our food distribution plans are intended to be long-term charitable endeavors. This implies that we are dedicated to ensuring our beneficiaries’ food production for as long as they require it.

– Every monetary contribution, no matter how modest, matters.

Every year, they provide safe-to-eat food to tens of thousands of needy people who have been donated or spared from avoidable waste. This is only possible because of the support of the community like you, who encourage them with everything from financial assistance to volunteerism.

Are all donations to food from heart tax detectable?

All the cash donation in Singapore to Food from the Heart are tax deductible at a rate of 250 percent.

Please provide us with the appropriate details so that they can complete your request for a tax deduction.

– Full name as per IC / Organization Name

– IC Number / UEN Number

– Email for us to send the tax receipt

– Contact Number