Know Everything About BTO Renovation Cost!

In Singapore, renovating a BTO home is a difficult task. You’ll need to locate a makeover package that combines your preferences and style with effective space planning while remaining within your budget.

96 interior offers you the best makeover package offerings cost-effectively and dependably. With incredible rate restrictions, it efficiently lays the groundwork for your dream home. It works with a design philosophy that prioritizes the marriage of comfort, beauty, and functionality to give you a well-rounded house – and this is reflected in the BTO renovation cost packages as well.

bto renovation cost

Packages it offers?

Here is a list of packages that are offered by it.

  1. BTO 3-Room Package

This interior designer offers a bundle that comprises a solid combination for a price of $15,999. Professional Design & Services, missionary services, ceiling works, carpentry works, flooring, and plumbing works are all included in this package.

  1. BTO 4-Room Package

This package covers interior and spacing design, as well as a variety of color and material options. Another feature of this package is the regular site inspection as well as consultant and project management. The total cost of this package is roughly $16999.

  1. BTO 5-Room Package

The flooring, ceiling, internal spacing, and consultant services are all included in this package, but at a lower cost. A total of $18999 bto renovation cost is required for the five-room package. This gives a comprehensive package for tour remodeling plans, allowing you to build your BTO dream home.


It’s always preferable to get the greatest services from a highly professional person at a reasonable price. So, with 96 interior portals, go after your desires and get your interior done on time and budget with amazing services.