Introducing, Ashley Black And The Birth Of The Amazing FasciaBlaster!

When it comes to health and wellness, everyone wants what’s best for themselves. For both men women, joint and muscle pains are very common. But for Ashley Black, the fasciablaster inventor, she was looking for ways to make a difference in her life. So when she discovered what this amazing device can do for her, she wanted the world to have the same experience.

Who is Ashley Black?

Ashley Black was living a normal kids’ life in Alabama when she was diagnosed with a debilitating disease – Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). The doctors call that today Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). This only means that Ashley did not live a life as normal kids do. But despite her condition, she learned that this should not be how her life should turn out.

Ashley spends the first 20 years of her life not believing her doctors’ prognosis. She wanted to take control of her symptoms and she did. She was able to control it by food charting, doing hot and cold baths, stretching regularly, and also doing strength training. Because of her efforts, she proved to her doctors that she can be better and did this by becoming a competitive gymnast.

The Birth Of Ashley Blacks’ Fascia Blaster

Ashley Black always wanted to share with the world how she was able to defy the odds. How her medical condition did not stop her from finding what is right for her. She felt the need to help others to get to know their bodies and start to pursue a fascia-centric life. She already knew and had designs of the tool in her head, and had an idea on how to use it and how she and others can benefit from it.

fasciablasterOne day, when she met a man who survived a Stage 4 Lymphoma, together with has Fasciologists, they started working with him in order to help him deal with his body without his lymph nodes. This is when he started to become a believer. The man ended up helping the investors, business people, as well as the manufacturers. They started producing the prototype in 2012.

After a few revisions, Ashley Black and her team were able to perfect the FasciaBlaster™. However, it took them years to introduce the device to the market. Ashley believed in the product but the process was not easy. She was able to get athletes and celebrities to use the tool and they too find the fascia blaster effective. This is why it became much easier for her to introduce the device to the public, and encourage others to try fascia blasting too.

What 2019 Has In-Store For the FasciaBlaster™?

Ashley was able to develop her brand, The Ashley Black Guru. To date, she has already sold millions of units of the FasciaBlaster™ worldwide. This 2019, Ashley Black is the owner of one of the fastest-growing American companies. Her millions of followers support her and her work even on social media. This best-selling book author is now helping transform the lives of other people through her amazing invention – the FasciaBlaster™.