Information about the speed of textra pro

Many expensive smartphones are struggled with just to display a simple SMS. But, one of the great things about the android mobiles that you can easily replace the messaging app for a specific set of features and functionality with another of your choosing ability that is textra pro. The textra pro is combined simple design look with the short and sweet of features compared to another messaging app. It allows the app to make light work of displaying messages and a user-friendly approach that composing messages even an older type of mobiles phones.

Other mobiles have bundled messaging app that tries hard to include certain features as possible, but it fails to impress the user. Because of, how slow and unresponsive to handle app so that the textra pro app will support all set of features.

The textra pro utilizes a simple look of messaging because it’s user interface has easy to read in both main screens and popup menus the textra pro Popup allows you to read the messages easily from you sender and quick response without any additional launching of app or switch screens.

textra apk

If in case you are sending the SMS and MMS message, you can easily add the pictures, video, audio and other importing files from your mobile phone or device.

The textra pro supports emoji because youngster’s like the emoji pictures which you can enable to install the additional plugin or free plugins to your devices. So textra apk pro speed is fast compared to other messaging or text app.

Textra pro message notifications

How textra pro handles the notifications for contacts and it is likely to select the alerted about messages. So you can easily customize your notification messages:

Simply long press your conversation in the app and select one or many contacts in your mobile or devices as you like and define the rules for how you should be notification messages.