Increase your Instagram followers and change your world

In a very short span of time Instagram changed its impression of being a ‘just for fun’ app to a serious advertising platform involving millions of customers and sellers. The engagement rate of Instagram is the highest among all other social networking sites. Everyone today wants to be an Instagram star by having a large number of followers giving daily responses to all your posts. How to get followers on Instagram and How to increase the number of followers? These are the questions asked by many individuals as well as brands.

group of Instagram users

Tips to get more followers on Instagram:

  1. Make an interesting profile by giving unique and creative bio of yourself or your company.
  2. Don’t allow unnecessary people or websites tag you.
  3. Increase your local reach before you widen your followers list.
  4. Promote your Instagram profile online as well as offline.
  5. Join an Instagram pod that can increase the number of your followers.

Unless you have a creative mind or a celebrity status, increasing you followers list can be very difficult even after using the above mentioned tips. In that case the most efficient and result oriented tip would be that of joining an Instagram pod.

Instagrams Pods are a group of Instagram users who notify each other about their posts and thus become followers. When you join any one of these groups you automatically increase your follower’s number. Most of the Instagram pods are a faction of likeminded bloggers or influencers. The catch point here is that you have to follow them back.

Based on your need for quality and quantity of the followers you can pick and choose from the different groups that are available on the Instagram pods.

  1. You can join the general group for just random followers increase.
  2. You can join the niche group if you want a specific group of followers. However here your profile should also be appealing to that group.
  3. You can join the viral group and increase the number of followers based on the number you already have.
  4. You can join the sponsored group and get the followers only based on the advertised products.
  5. You can join the powerlike group and double your followers list.
  6. You can join the specialty group and get many followers for your unique stories and videos.

Ultimately, what gets you to Instagram’s top post page are the number of followers you have, irrespective of the method you use to get them.