How will contract jobs in Singapore help your career?

Let’s start with the basics and let me explain what contract jobs in Singapore are like. A contract job isn’t just the regular full-time job that you would see, it’s a temporary job based on a contract that you need to abide by after agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contract. Doing a contract job is a good way to start the career and is good for people who are looking to get some experience as well as earn a high wage income but for those that like a stable job so that they feel secure, then getting a contract job isn’t the right choice for you, you should opt for a full-time job. In this type of job, a person (employee) needs to work for a staffing firm. Also, for those who were worried that do they have to continue the job even if it’s not working out in their interest, then don’t sweat it people, you can easily quit a contract job at anytime for a valid reason.

Some of the pros and cons of contract jobs


  • You will have a good flowing income.
  • Even though it being a temporary job is a con, it can also be a pro as it gives you the flexibility of exploring career options.


  • Everything is very uncertain, there is no stability in such jobs.
  • The same goes for this, you have the pro of changing careers but at the same time you will always feel like an outsider.