How to Research the Lotto Results Using VBA Generator

How will random numbers help you out in the lotto research? When you have decided on the selections, you have to test the ideas against a few real data or look at lotto results. The word of caution here; do not expect some lines of the numbers to attain any important results. You are searching for the scenario where 20 lines of the numbers come in the random draw over 1 in 5 thousand times. Even though the odds aren’t very great, certainly it is much better than the lucky dip where odds may be in millions to one. Also, you do not need any actual results for the testing; any kind of random numbers set will be fine providing research you do is using similar data set. Here is how you may go about this.

Use Random Number Generator for Creating Data Set

Firstly, you have to create a few data. The Excel VBA generator is the good place you can start. You require 1,000 lines of the numbers to use for identifying the patterns.


Find Own Number Combinations or Patterns

Then you will have to identify your patterns or combinations; begin with something very simple:

  • No numbers below 5 and greater than 35
  • 1 prime number in every line
  • Equal number of the odd or even numbers

Now, you can generate the multiple lines that are based on ideas that you have identified; over 20 lines will be good start. Lines will not be random as you have added in your filters.