GTA V is The Best Game Ever

Half a month prior I purchased GTA V seeking after a stunning game, in the wake of perusing all the reviews that gave it immaculate scores. Well… I got a stunning game! The issue is, I truly don’t feel that it is the most amazingness (you heard me) game in the arrangement. I truly accept that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the best game in the GTA arrangement.

GTA V is a phenomenal game. The game looks incredible, sounds extraordinary, and plays easily. I would prefer not to yak on about how great GTA V is, you can peruse a review if you need that. I truly need to clarify why it’s not comparable to San Andreas.

So, here are 2 reasons why GTA V isn’t tantamount to GTA San Andreas:

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  1. Degree:

GTA V happens in a city setting, littler than the setting in San Andreas. However, it’s not the size of the guide that makes me like San Andreas better, it’s the assortment. In V, you have a city, city, city… just the city. In San Andreas, you have city, desert, nation, woods, mountain, mystery army installation, and so on. You even have 3 different inclination urban communities.

As you move along in San Andreas, it truly feels like you are bridging a state, visiting different landscapes and individuals. It truly feels like you are advancing through life (as cliché as that sounds). In GTA V, it doesn’t feel the equivalent. It’s increasingly similar to you are simply moving around a city, absent a lot of assortment.

  1. Story:

The story in GTA V, while intriguing, doesn’t coordinate San Andreas’. I simply think the characters are considerably more evolved and intriguing, and this drives the story to be additionally convincing. Samuel L Jackson is one of the voices in San Andreas, I mean, please!

In San Andreas, the story is the thing that drives the game. Pack wars and side stuff are fun, but what truly makes you need to continue playing is the story. The way that the story is continually moving to different urban communities and landscapes makes it significantly all the more fascinating. In gta 5 for android, the story is fairly intriguing, but I don’t think it drives the game as much as the additional stuff attempts as well.

So, there you have it, Grand Theft Auto V is a phenomenal game, however, it is only not on a par with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas due to the degree and story of the game, and because of one Samuel L Jackson.