Four of the most important things you should do to your nails before applying nail polish

If you would notice, a lot of women post pictures of their nails getting infected, or irritated after applying nail polish. Well, it is not entirely the fault of the nail polish they used.

Most of the time, women apply nail polish directly to their nails without even cleaning it, and preparing it the right way. Instead, they instantly apply nail polish which causes irritation and worse infection that may cause more trouble than good.


If you are planning to spend your weekend or days off polishing your nails, here are some of the most important things you should do before you even stroke the brush to your nails courtesy of the best makers of Gel u├▒assemipermanente.

  1. Clean your hands thoroughly-Manicuring your nails at home should always start by cleaning your hands thoroughly and sanitize it after to prevent any infection from setting in. Knowing that you are using different tools to clean your hands and apply nail polish to it, you have to make sure that you clean the tools that are needed in polishing your hands. You have to be careful in this routine because this can be tricky especially if you wore deep nail polish. By rubbing it back and forth, the nail polish pigments could stain your clothes and the washcloth that you are using. Use nail polish remover onto your nails and wait for a couple of seconds to loosen the nail polish and gently wipe it down.
  2. Trim and file your nails properly-If you believe your nails are already overgrown, you have to trim and file it properly. Using your nail clippers, you have to trim your nails by using small clips that work from one side to the other and never ever begin clipping your nails at the center because it will damage your nail plate in the long run. File your nails after clipping it with a soft nail file by refining its edges to smoothen out the freshly cut nails.
  3. Remove the cuticles gently-To soften your cuticles, you have to apply gentle cuticle oil in each of your nails. After applying the cuticle oil, you can use a sterilized stainless steel cuticle pusher by gently guiding the overgrown cuticle back into its place. You have to keep in mind that your cuticles should not be completely removed because it is a protective barrier that prevents bacteria from harm infecting your body.
  4. Exfoliate your nails-Just like the entire surface of your skin; your nails are also susceptible to becoming oily where residue could build up. You can exfoliate your nails by buffing it with light block nail buffers by gently rubbing the solution to it.