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All over the main focus of the parent is to provide the best education to a child. School or any education is the centre for the all-around development of a personality. The main mission of the school should be for children to be independent individuals and develop self-esteem and self-confidence to face this competitive world. There are many such schools like singapore international school where the school aims to inspire the student to be zeal to seek education.


The curriculum is designed to make students face the world by developing self-confidence. Their interest is developed by incorporating a variety of activities where they have fun learning visual arts, music, performing arts, and programs related to sports.

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Primary education:

The curriculum is designed to encourage students to develop the skill. It just does not focus on learning normal questions and answer and crack the examination. Apart from facing the examination, there will be made to develop the skill as well as whilst for fostering the understanding of different culture which very essential at the primary stage. As the young mind gradually grows to be responsible citizens.

Secondary education:

The balance is maintained to meet the need of the child. This is the stage where the child reaches the stage to face the fast-changing world. The secondary curriculum is designed to balance the intellectual as well as the emotional personality of students.


The rigorous program is designed to make students challenging and they are a vibrant form of extra co-curricular activity to mee education is more fun.