Different forms of dried flowers applications

Especially in all instances where flower arrangement is required, dried flowers have so many uses. The most important use of dried flowers singapore is so diverse, such as decorating wreaths, gift packages, masks, hats, candles, stationery, or making unique photos or picture frames.

Stuff with dried flowers that you can do

Dried Flower uses are seemingly infinite. In all forms of beautification, such as home, education, marriage, services, floral arrangements, and much more, they can be used to decorate.

Comprehensive Uses of Dried Flowers:

Stationery: You need to use high-quality paper. Apply a thin layer of glue to the paper and connect the dried flowers to your preferred invitations, envelopes, and other stationery, depending on your style and arrangement.

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Photo Frame: Tie flowers to an odd paper before they are dried with the use of a brush dipped in glue. You can now create the image frame in any style you like when it’s fully dried up.

Paperweight: Cut them to the desired size using two pieces of glass, stones, woods, or plastics, and place the flowers on the bottom and secure them with the glue. If the glue is dry, put in a position the pieces of glass, stones, woods, or plastics.

Arrangement for the flower: With the use of a rubber band, fasten it and wrap it with brown handmade paper and tighten it with a rope. Your finished flower arrangement can be used as your showpiece, or you can just hang it on the door.

Window decoration: Decorate your curtains with dried flowers singapore at the corners of the curtain rods. Choose those that match the style and color of your interior design.