Choose to watch movies at home or at the movies

In recent years more and more films have been made, and people are more interested in seeing what’s new on the billboard. However, there are different opinions about the best place to watch movies, since some people like to go to the movies and others prefer to watch movies at home. The reasons are many and very diverse, such as tastes, prices, schedules, etc.

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Cinema vs. online movies

Next, we will tell you what are the main differences between watching a movie in the cinema and at home. You will surely be surprised.

They are very different environments

  • The atmosphere of the cinema is very different from that of the house. And is that when you go to the cinema, you can enjoy a better viewing experience, where the screens are bigger and the sound effects more realistic, making you feel in the real world.
  • Letmewatchthis¬† Although in the cinema you have to obey some rules, such as not throwing garbage to keep the place clean, not talking, not having a mobile phone with sound, etc.
  • When you watch a movie at home you have the freedom to choose the medium where you can watch the movie, whether on a computer, tablet or on television. But the environment is not the same since the screens are smaller than in the cinema and the sound effect is not so good.
  • However, at home, you do not have to obey rules. You can lie on the couch or in bed and eat what you want. Imagine that you are lying on the sofa watching movie movies as well known as Harry Potter, it would be great, right?
  • These are original wands, exact replicas of the movie. Do you want to do magic? Learn to use your wand while watching your favorite movie.
  • If you consider yourself a true lover of cinema, surely you are one of those who wait impatiently for the release of an important film to be able to acquire all the merchandising of this, such as posters, mugs, t-shirts, stuffed animals..

Price and time

Going  to the movies to watch movie costs more than watching it at home. In addition to the queues, you have to do many times.

If you want to save that time and maybe some money, you can buy the tickets through their web page or take advantage of discounts on offers portals, for example, On any website, there are many offers and you can enjoy the big screen with your family any day of the week.

Where to watch movies online?

But if you prefer the comfort of your home do not worry, since you will find a complete movie through different platforms that broadcast movies legally, without having to subscribe to the site or hire a planner.

In this type of platforms, you can find the best free movies, with titles in Spanish, a very broad catalog and where you can watch movies of all genres, such as action, children, superheroes, etc.