Check Out the Effectiveness of the Classified Ads

Without checking you won’t know how bad or good your ads have performed. Before an advent of internet, the advertisers used to check the classified ads quality by using some techniques. But, there were not anything called as free classified ads. Paid or free, you will be spending time with the classified ads & you want results from free or paid classified ads. Even if you’re getting a chance to list any product for free, still you have to check the effectiveness of the online and offline classified ads.

Ways to check the effectiveness of online classified ads

With the free classified ads online, it is simple to trace effectiveness of the ad. Checking out the server statistics, you may identify which advertisements performed very well and which websites were very good for the classified ads placement. Have 2 sets of the classified ads copy. You need to continuously check both the ad copies in similar conditions. Check out the one, which performs good and Assortlist Classifieds are the ones that you can trust completely when it comes about local free classified ads online.

Assortlist Classifieds

Never throw away lesser performing ad

You need to give your second classified ad a little modification. Test both the ads just by exposing them before your prospective customers. Such type of testing does not end and you will continue to improve your ad campaign.

Channel testing is equally important

Which free classifieds are giving you best results? You need to borrow the similar technique that the newspaper advertisers used to test effectiveness of the classifieds ads even now. You can have toll free numbers that you can give it to your customers. Keep a check on number of times every number rings and in this way you can check the effectiveness of the ad very efficiently.


People can visit the pages of the free classified ads online by searching for a product, using an exact word. With free classified ads online you will even have an option of using a few photos of your product. The photo will give a little more mileage to the classified ad.