Basic Tasks Of Janitorial Services

A janitorial service is a service that specializes in cleaning facilities on an ongoing basis. This includes businesses, schools, churches, and sometimes residences. Janitor service companies are typically generalists who provide a wide range of services.

Maintenance: This job involves maintaining cleanliness and security. A wall to be scrubbed, vents to be cleaned, and floors to be mopped are some examples of maintenance tasks assigned. Maintenance can make or break the success of an office in which it is done by cleaning properly.

Cleaning: This job involves cleaning the restrooms, kitchens and offices in order to create an organized, clean environment. Cleaning is an important task for janitorial services in Greenville, SC and should be done on a regular basis.

Laundry and Disposal: This job involves the disposal of decayed, moldy or worn out clothing and items that are in no longer needed by employees. These items can otherwise cause health problems to the employees because of the decomposition that takes place in closets and basements.

Lifting and Placing: This job entails moving furniture, boxes and other objects around the work location. The need for lifting is especially important in offices, hospitals and schools that have a lot of furniture in them. If a janitorial service is faced with too much activity, they may need to recruit assistance from other members who can lift items like large steel files, desks and tables on top of which many people work every day.

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Parking: Parking is an important task that must be handled well. When parking is poorly handled, an office can quickly become over-crowded and chaotic. If a janitorial service has too many vehicles in the parking lot, they may have to displace some of their employees to other areas of the building to alleviate the problem

Repairing: Janitorial companies must handle repairs on a regular basis. If a floor is falling apart from corroded pipes or electrical outlets that are no longer working properly, it must be repaired by skilled workers who can handle these types of jobs

Trash Removal: Trash is another major concern for janitorial services. When trash remains in a location, it becomes very easy for germs and diseases to spread. A janitorial service is responsible for cleaning and removing the trash in order to avoid these types of problems.