Advantages and Disadvantages of e-Learning in Today’s Education System

Education in the past has always been this concept that revolves around the set up of classrooms, teacher and students. But with the advent of internet and computers things today have changed drastically. Today there is a new concept of learning that is fast catching up the trend called e-learning. E-Learning in simple terms is defined as electronic learning that is using electronic media to impart knowledge. The whole concept is quiet broad and can be characterized by internet based learning, virtual class rooms and computer assisted learnings. Convenience and affordability have been the prime reasons the concept of e learning being so popular today. Websites like  provide you with much information why e learning should be a part of education system today and more.

It is important that schools today embrace the idea with open arms for the development and benefit of their students. Bringing in the latest technologies in classrooms gives a new dimension to learning today. One of the most important benefits is that it helps save on cost and time for the educational institutions. Teachers could record their lectures and prepare course material to be uploaded on a common portal. Since these can be accessed any time it makes life easy for both students and the teachers. At websites like one can find useful tips of developing a e learning lesson plan for their students. For those who wish to study abroad and cannot afford to do so the concept of e learning could be a blessing in disguise. This is because there are many collages offering online courses. The concept of e learning can also make the whole process of learning quiet interesting.

Teachers can make use of electronic media to make the subject more interesting. Like showing a video clip that is relevant to the topic. This allows the students to understand deeply and grasp better. It also makes the boring and usual classroom atmosphere quiet interesting. The students become interactive and understand things better. With this concept classrooms will not be confined to four walls as e learning promotes a collaborative leaning system. One can interact with people in other parts of the world and share knowledge. To be precise one can say that with e learning there are no geographical barriers. This helps the students to have a wider perspective on many things and also makes them culturally aware.

Apart from having so many benefits the concept of e learning has a lot of disadvantages as well. One of the common disadvantages is that it extensively depends on technology hence it is important to keep oneself updated. The system could be beneficial in the long run but the startup costs are quiet high. Also this might not be very helpful for students with disabilities. But more or less the concept of e learning is indeed quiet helpful to improve the quality of education and learning.