Google Updates Recovery

You might be wondering “what are some great steps of SEO recovery after google updates”. There is no doubt that a continuously changing marketing environment brings in several issues for advertisers who have to adopt various techniques and tactics to meet the demand. As in retail market, the competition continues to grow in online space too. One needs to constantly research the market and study various updates and changes brought in by search engines to stay at the top of the result pages. It is only then that one can take advantage of SEO practices.

Let’s discuss few of the important steps that could help us in fixing SEO issues after Google updates.

1. Google’s regular updates have made SEO practitioners powerless over page rank, as it has become unmanageable. The unfair practices are no longer helpful in gaining the desired results.

2. These updates have brought to light that the content is greater than keyword usage and using content marketing strategy is one of the great ways to help us to restore to sanity.

3. Another crucial decision that came to the limelight is a preference to social network over page rank and CTR. Social networking sites offer people the platform to engage in conversation, which is the crucial key factor in digital marketing.

4. The link inventory of the site should be regularly maintained, tracking all the key areas for high search ranking.

5. These new updates brought to light the exact nature of black hat practices by heavily penalizing their sites. Thus, these unfair practices should be stopped to recover the site.

6. The directories should be removed from all the unnatural links.

7. Google webmaster should be asked to reconsider the site in search results.

8. All the sites that are being optimized should be considered and amendments should be made accordingly to get the desirable results.

9. Direct amendments should be made to the site, whenever and wherever possible, keeping in mind the related stats and its effects on the website ranking.

10. The backlink inventory should also be maintained and the unnatural links should be promptly removed.

11. The webmaster blogs, SEO Moz and other such popular articles and blogs should be regularly read to stay updated on the Google’s algorithm. It would be the helping aid in making the right use of Google’s knowledge.

12. SEO related new messages should be carried to Virginia SEO consultants, with the best practices of inbound marketing efforts. Keeping in mind the above-stated steps and the effects of Google updates, SEO prayer can be designed as, “Google grant me the serenity to accept the rank I cannot change, the courage to change the content I can and the wisdom to know the difference”.